Secrets Manager rotation function templates - AWS Secrets Manager

Secrets Manager rotation function templates

To create a Lambda rotation function with any of the following templates, we recommend you use the procedures in Automatically rotate an Amazon RDS, Amazon DocumentDB, or Amazon Redshift secret or Automatically rotate a secret. Secrets Manager includes the required dependencies when you turn on rotation, unless you create your Lambda rotation function by hand. The templates support Python 3.7.

Secrets Manager provides the following rotation function templates:

Amazon RDS databases

Amazon RDS MariaDB single user

Amazon RDS MariaDB alternating users

Amazon RDS MySQL single user

Amazon RDS MySQL alternating users

Amazon RDS Oracle single user

Amazon RDS Oracle alternating users

Amazon RDS PostgreSQL single user

Amazon RDS PostgreSQL alternating users

Amazon RDS Microsoft SQLServer single user

Amazon RDS Microsoft SQLServer alternating users

Amazon DocumentDB (with MongoDB compatibility) databases

Amazon DocumentDB single user

Amazon DocumentDB alternating users

Amazon Redshift

Amazon Redshift single user

Amazon Redshift alternating users

Other types of secrets

Generic rotation function template