Amazon Simple Email Service
Developer Guide

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Getting Started Sending Email with Amazon SES

This getting started tutorial provides step-by-step instructions for you to set up Amazon Simple Email Service (Amazon SES) and send an email. First, review the information in Before You Begin with Amazon SES. Then, send an email in one of the following ways. You can also watch our Getting Started with Amazon SES video.

For information about Amazon SES email pricing, see the Amazon SES Pricing page.

Using the Amazon SES Console

Use this method if you want to get started sending test emails through Amazon SES with minimal setup. When you are ready to start your production email sending campaign, use one of the other sending methods and use the Amazon SES console primarily to monitor your sending activity.

To start this tutorial, go to Send an Email Using the Amazon SES Console.

Using Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP)

Use this method if you want to send email through the Amazon SES SMTP interface with or without programming as follows:

For introductory information on both SMTP sending methods, see Send an Email Through Amazon SES Using SMTP.

Using an AWS SDK

Use this method to call the Amazon SES API using libraries that handle the details of the underlying Amazon SES Query interface. Examples are provided in C#, Java, PHP, Ruby, and Python. To start this tutorial, go to Send an Email Through Amazon SES Using an AWS SDK.

For information and discussions about a variety of topics related to Amazon SES, see the AWS Messaging and Targeting Blog. To browse and post questions, go to the Amazon SES Forum.