Amazon Simple Email Service
Developer Guide

Increasing Your Amazon SES Sending Limits

When your account is out of the sandbox and you're sending high-quality production email, we might automatically increase the sending limits for your account. Often, we automatically increase these limits before you actually need them to be increased, and you don't need to take any action.

To qualify for automatic rate increases, all of the following statements have to be true:

  • You send high-quality content that your recipients want to receive –Send content that recipients want and expect. Stop sending email to customers who don't open your email.

  • You send actual production content – Sending test messages to fake email addresses can have a negative effect on your bounce and complaint rates. Also, sending messages only to internal recipients makes it difficult to determine if you're sending content that customers want to receive. However, when you send your production messages to actual customers, we can accurately assess your email-sending practices.

  • You send near your current quota – To qualify for an automatic limit increase, your daily email volume should regularly approach your quota without exceeding it.

  • You have low bounce and complaint rates – Minimize the number of bounces and complaints that you receive. Having a high number of bounces and complaints can have a negative impact on your sending limits.

If your current sending limits aren't adequate for your needs and we haven't automatically increased them, you can request an increase. For information about requesting a sending limit increase, see Opening a Case to Increase Amazon SES Sending Limits.