Amazon Simple Email Service
Developer Guide (API Version 2010-12-01)

Send an Email Through Amazon SES Using an AWS SDK

To send an email using the Amazon SES API, you can use the Query interface directly, or you can use an AWS SDK to handle low-level details such as assembling and parsing HTTP requests and responses.

Before you send email using an AWS SDK, review the instructions in Before You Begin with Amazon SES. For this tutorial, you also need to:

  • Download an AWS SDK—Download and install an AWS SDK for either .NET or Java. For more information, see Downloading an AWS SDK.

  • Get your AWS credentials—To access Amazon SES programmatically, you need your AWS access keys. For more information, see Getting Your AWS Access Keys.

After you have installed the appropriate SDK and retrieved your AWS credentials, you can send an email through Amazon SES using one of the following examples: