Bookmarking an IAM role - AWS IAM Identity Center (successor to AWS Single Sign-On)

Bookmarking an IAM role

To make it easier for you to access frequently used IAM roles from the AWS access portal, you can create a bookmark for a given role associated with a specific AWS account.

To bookmark an IAM role for a specific AWS account
  1. While signed into the portal, choose the AWS Accounts icon to expand the list of accounts.


    If you do not see the AWS Accounts icon, it is likely that you have not yet been assigned to a permission set for that account. In this case, contact your administrator and ask them to add this access for you. For more information, see Assign user access to AWS accounts.

  2. Choose the AWS account where you want to create the bookmark.

  3. Right-click the Management console link, copy the link address, and then use that URL to create your bookmark.