How to sign in to the user portal - AWS Single Sign-On

How to sign in to the user portal

By this time, you should have been provided a specific sign-in URL to the user portal by an administrator or help desk employee. Once you have this, you can proceed with the following steps to sign in to the portal.


Once you have been signed-in, your user portal session will be valid for 8 hours.

To sign in to the user portal

  1. In your browser window, paste in the sign-in URL that you were provided. Then press Enter. We recommend that you bookmark this link to the portal now so that you can quickly access it later.

  2. Sign in using your standard company user name and password. If you are prompted for a Verification code, check your email and then copy and paste the code into the sign-in page.


    Verification codes are typically sent through email, but the delivery method can vary. Check with your administrator for details.

  3. Once signed in, you can access any AWS account and application that appears in the portal. Simply choose an icon.

Trusted devices

After you choose the option This is a trusted device from the sign-in page, AWS SSO will consider all future sign-ins from that device as authorized. This means that AWS SSO will not present an option to enter in an MFA code as long as you are using that trusted device. However, there are some exceptions. These include signing in from a new browser or when your device has been issued an unknown IP address.