AWS Single Sign-On
User Guide

Limits in AWS SSO

The following tables describe limits within AWS SSO. For information about limits that can be changed, see AWS Service Limits.

Application Limits

Resource Default Limit

File size of service provider SAML certificates (in PEM format)

2 kb

AWS Account Limits

Resource Default Limit
Maximum number of permission sets in AWS SSO 50
Number of permission sets allowed per AWS account 20

Number of references to AWS managed policies per permission set

Number of inline policies per permission set 1
Maximum size of inline policy per permission set 10,000 bytes

Number of IAM roles in the AWS account that can be repaired at a time *


* Permission sets are provisioned in an AWS account as IAM roles. For more information, see Permission Sets.

Connected Directory Limits

Resource Default Limit

Number of unique Active Directory groups that can be assigned *


Number of connected directories that you can have at a time


* Users within their Active Directory can belong to many directory groups. However within AWS SSO, they can have up to 50 of their Active Directory groups assigned for using applications.