Managing an Amazon EC2 cluster - AWS Snowball Edge Developer Guide

Managing an Amazon EC2 cluster

An Amazon EC2 cluster is a group of devices that provision together as a cluster of devices. To use a cluster, the AWS services on your device must be running at your default endpoint. You also must choose the specific device in the cluster that you want to talk to. You use a cluster on a per-device basis.

To create an Amazon EC2 cluster
  1. Connect and log in to your Snow device. For instructions on how to log in to your device, see Unlocking a device.

  2. On the Choose device page, choose Snowball Edge cluster, and then choose Next.

  3. On the Connect to your device page, provide the IP address of the device and the IP addresses of other devices in the cluster.

  4. Choose Add another device to add more devices, and then choose Next.

  5. On the Provide the keys page, enter the device client unlock code, upload the device manifest, and choose Unlock device.

    Snowball Edge devices use 256-bit encryption to help ensure both security and full chain-of-custody for your data.

  6. (Optional) Enter a name to create a profile, and then choose Save profile name. You are directed to the dashboard, where you see all your clusters.

    You can now start using AWS services and managing your cluster. You manage instances in the cluster the same way you manage individual instances. For instructions, see Managing AWS services on your device or Managing Your Devices.