Amazon SNS raw message delivery - Amazon Simple Notification Service

Amazon SNS raw message delivery

To avoid having Amazon Kinesis Data Firehose, Amazon SQS, and HTTP/S endpoints process the JSON formatting of messages, Amazon SNS allows raw message delivery:

  • When you enable raw message delivery for Amazon Kinesis Data Firehose or Amazon SQS endpoints, any Amazon SNS metadata is stripped from the published message and the message is sent as is.

  • When you enable raw message delivery for HTTP/S endpoints, the HTTP header x-amz-sns-rawdelivery with its value set to true is added to the message, indicating that the message has been published without JSON formatting.

To enable raw message delivery using an AWS SDK, you must use the SetSubscriptionAttribute API action and set the value of the RawMessageDelivery attribute to true.

Enabling raw message delivery using the AWS Management Console

  1. Sign in to the Amazon SNS console.

  2. On the navigation panel, choose Topics.

  3. On the Topics page, choose a topic subscribed to an Kinesis Data Firehose, Amazon SQS, or HTTP/S endpoint.

  4. On the MyTopic page, in the Subscription section, choose a subscription and choose Edit.

  5. On the Edit EXAMPLE1-23bc-4567-d890-ef12g3hij456 page, in the Details section, choose Enable raw message delivery.

  6. Choose Save changes.

Message format examples

In the following examples, the same message is sent to the same Amazon SQS queue twice. The only difference is that raw message delivery is disabled for the first message, and enabled for the second.

  • Raw message delivery is disabled

    { "Type": "Notification", "MessageId": "dc1e94d9-56c5-5e96-808d-cc7f68faa162", "TopicArn": "arn:aws:sns:us-east-2:111122223333:ExampleTopic1", "Subject": "TestSubject", "Message": "This is a test message.", "Timestamp": "2021-02-16T21:41:19.978Z", "SignatureVersion": "1", "Signature": "FMG5tlZhJNHLHUXvZgtZzlk24FzVa7oX0T4P03neeXw8ZEXZx6z35j2FOTuNYShn2h0bKNC/zLTnMyIxEzmi2X1shOBWsJHkrW2xkR58ABZF+4uWHEE73yDVR4SyYAikP9jstZzDRm+bcVs8+T0yaLiEGLrIIIL4esi1llhIkgErCuy5btPcWXBdio2fpCRD5x9oR6gmE/rd5O7lX1c1uvnv4r1Lkk4pqP2/iUfxFZva1xLSRvgyfm6D9hNklVyPfy+7TalMD0lzmJuOrExtnSIbZew3foxgx8GT+lbZkLd0ZdtdRJlIyPRP44eyq78sU0Eo/LsDr0Iak4ZDpg8dXg==", "SigningCertURL": "", "UnsubscribeURL": "" }
  • Raw message delivery is enabled

    This is a test message.