Quotas - Data Transfer from Amazon S3 Glacier Vaults to Amazon S3


Service quotas, also referred to as limits, are the maximum number of service resources or operations for your AWS account.

Quotas for AWS services in this solution

Make sure you have a sufficient quota for each of the services implemented in this solution. For more information, see AWS service quotas.

Use the following links to go to the page for that service. To view the service quotas for all AWS services in the documentation without switching pages, view the information in the Service endpoints and quotas page in the PDF instead.

AWS CloudFormation quotas

Your AWS account has AWS CloudFormation quotas that you should be aware of when launching the stack in this solution. By understanding these quotas, you can avoid limitation errors that would prevent you from deploying this solution successfully. For more information, see AWS CloudFormation quotas in the AWS CloudFormation User Guide.

Lambda concurrent execution quota

Your AWS account has a quota on the number of concurrent Lambda executions that can be running. For more information, see Lambda quotas in the AWS Lambda Developer Guide. This solution uses 230–250 concurrent Lambda executions when running at maximum capacity.

Amazon S3 Glacier Initiate Job quota

This solution optimizes your transfer by requesting archives in order. Other random restore requests can impact throughput.

The Amazon S3 Glacier service maintains a service quota of 35 random restore requests per PiB stored per day. If you continue to initiate your archive retrievals as the solution runs, Amazon S3 Glacier responses might slow down. You might also see Amazon S3 Glacier ThrottlingExceptions if you initiate archive retrievals external to the solution.

Amazon S3 file size limit

The Amazon S3 service restricts file sizes to 5 TB. The solution won't transfer archives larger than 5 TB. The solution's CloudWatch dashboard indicates the number of archives that meet this condition. The solution stores inventory data for these archives in the Inventory S3 bucket under $WORKFLOW_RUN/not_migrated/.