Monitor resource usage and send notifications when approaching quotas - Quota Monitor for AWS

Monitor resource usage and send notifications when approaching quotas

Publication date: September 2016 (last update: March 2024)

The Quota Monitor for AWS solution proactively monitors resource utilization to avoid unexpectedly reaching quota limits. It sends notifications when your Amazon Web Services (AWS) service quotas (previously known as limits) are approaching their maximum value. This solution uses AWS CloudFormation templates to automate the deployment by provisioning the infrastructure resources (also known as the stack) automatically.

The solution leverages AWS Trusted Advisor and Service Quotas to monitor resource utilization against quotas for specific AWS services. The solution can send you notifications via email or your existing Slack channel, requesting to increase quotas or to shut down resources before the quota is reached. For more information, refer to Quotas later in this document.

This implementation guide provides an overview of the Quota Monitor for AWS solution, its reference architecture and components, considerations for planning the deployment, configuration steps for deploying the solution to the AWS Cloud. It is intended for solution architects, DevOps engineers, AWS account administrators, and cloud professionals who want to implement Quota Monitor for AWS in their environment.

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