Install and Configure the AWS CLI - Amazon Kinesis Data Streams

Install and Configure the AWS CLI

Install AWS CLI

For detailed steps on how to install the AWS CLI for Windows and for Linux, OS X, and Unix operating systems, see Installing the AWS CLI.

Use the following command to list available options and services:

aws help

You will be using the Kinesis Data Streams service, so you can review the AWS CLI subcommands related to Kinesis Data Streams using the following command:

aws kinesis help

This command results in output that includes the available Kinesis Data Streams commands:

AVAILABLE COMMANDS o add-tags-to-stream o create-stream o delete-stream o describe-stream o get-records o get-shard-iterator o help o list-streams o list-tags-for-stream o merge-shards o put-record o put-records o remove-tags-from-stream o split-shard o wait

This command list corresponds to the Kinesis Data Streams API documented in the Amazon Kinesis Service API Reference. For example, the create-stream command corresponds to the CreateStream API action.

The AWS CLI is now successfully installed, but not configured. This is shown in the next section.

Configure AWS CLI

For general use, the aws configure command is the fastest way to set up your AWS CLI installation. For more information, see Configuring the AWS CLI.