Editing an OpsItem - AWS Systems Manager

Editing an OpsItem

The OpsItem details section includes information about an OpsItem,
 including the description, title, source, OpsItem ID, and the status.
 You can edit a single OpsItem or you can select multiple OpsItems and edit the
 following fields: Status, Priority,
 Severity, Category.

When Amazon EventBridge creates an OpsItem, it populates the Title, Source, and Description fields. You can edit the Title and Description fields, but you can't edit the Source field.


The console supports most markdown formatting in the OpsItem description field. For more information, see Using Markdown in the Console in the Getting Started with the AWS Management Console Getting Started Guide.

Generally, you can edit the following configurable data for an OpsItem:

  • Title – Name of the OpsItem. The source creates the title of the OpsItem.

  • Description – Information about this OpsItem including (if applicable) steps for reproducing the issue.

  • Status – Status of an OpsItem can be Open, In progress, or Resolved.

  • Priority – Priority of an OpsItem can be between 1 and 5. We recommend that your organization determine what each priority level means and a corresponding service level agreement for each level.

  • Severity – Severity of an OpsItem can be between 1 to 4, where 1 is critical, 2 is high, 3 is medium, and 4 is low.

  • Category – Category of an OpsItem can be availability, cost, performance, recovery, or security.

  • Notifications – When you edit an OpsItem, you can specify the Amazon Resource Name (ARN) of an Amazon Simple Notification Service topic in the Notifications field. By specifying an ARN, you ensure that all stakeholders receive a notification when the OpsItem is edited, including a status change. For more information, see the Amazon Simple Notification Service Developer Guide.


    The Amazon SNS topic must exist in the same AWS Region as the OpsItem. If the topic and the OpsItem are in different Regions, the system returns an error.

OpsCenter has bidirectional integration with AWS Security Hub. When you update an OpsItem status and severity related to a security finding, those changes are automatically sent to Security Hub to ensure you always see the latest and correct information.

When an OpsItem is created from a Security Hub finding, Security Hub metadata is automatically added to the operational data field of the OpsItem. If this metadata is deleted, the bidirectional updates no longer function.

To edit OpsItem details
  1. Open the AWS Systems Manager console at https://console.aws.amazon.com/systems-manager/.

  2. In the navigation pane, choose OpsCenter.

  3. Choose an OpsItem ID to open the details page or choose multiple OpsItems. If you choose multiple OpsItems, you can only edit the status, priority, severity, or category. If you edit multiple OpsItems, OpsCenter updates and saves your changes as soon as you choose the new status, priority, severity, or category.

  4. In the OpsItem details section, choose Edit.

  5. Edit the details of the OpsItem according to the requirements and guidelines specified by your organization.

  6. When you're finished, choose Save.