Uninstalling SSM Agent from Linux instances - AWS Systems Manager

Uninstalling SSM Agent from Linux instances

Use the following commands to uninstall AWS Systems Manager Agent (SSM Agent).

Amazon Linux 1, Amazon Linux 2, Amazon Linux 2023, CentOS, Oracle Linux, and Red Hat Enterprise Linux

sudo yum erase amazon-ssm-agent --assumeyes

Debian Server

sudo dpkg -r amazon-ssm-agent

SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (SLES)

  • zypper command installations:

    sudo zypper remove amazon-ssm-agent
  • rpm command installations:

    sudo rpm --erase amazon-ssm-agent

Ubuntu Server

  • deb package installations:

    sudo dpkg -r amazon-ssm-agent
  • snap package installations:

    sudo snap remove amazon-ssm-agent