Working with Change Manager - AWS Systems Manager

Working with Change Manager

With Change Manager, a capability of AWS Systems Manager, users across your organization or in a single AWS account can perform change-related tasks for which they have been granted the necessary permissions. Change Manager tasks include the following:

  • Create, review, and approve or reject change templates.

    A change template is a collection of configuration settings in Change Manager that define such things as required approvals, available runbooks, and notification options for change requests.

  • Create, review, and approve or reject change requests.

    A change request is a request in Change Manager to run an Automation runbook that updates one or more resources in your AWS or on-premises environments. A change request is created using a change template.

  • Specify which users in your organization or account can be made reviewers for change templates and change requests.

  • Edit configuration settings, such as how user identities are managed in Change Manager and which of the available best practice options are enforced in your Change Manager operations. For information about configuring these settings, see Configuring Change Manager options and best practices.