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How Amazon Textract Works

Use Amazon Textract to detect and analyze text in single or multipage input documents. For more information, see Input Documents.

Amazon Textract provides operations for you to perform the following actions:

Amazon Textract provides you with synchronous operations for processing single-page documents with near real-time responses. For more information, see Processing Documents with Synchronous Operations. Amazon Textract also provides asynchronous operations that you can use to process larger, multipage documents. Asynchronous responses aren't in real time. For more information, see Processing Documents with Asynchronous Operations.

Amazon Textract provides you with a workflow to automatically classify lending document pages and route them to existing solutions. For more information see Using Analyze Lending for Document Classification and Extraction.

When an Amazon Textract operation processes a document, the results are returned in an array of Block objects or an array of ExpenseDocument objects. Both objects contain information that's detected about items, including their location on the document and their relationship to other items on the document. For more information, see Amazon Textract Response Objects. For examples that show how to use Block objects, see Tutorials.

Amazon Textract lets you customize the output of its pretrained Queries feature. With Amazon Textract Custom Queries, you can use your own documents and train an adapter to customize the base model, keeping complete control over your proprietary documents. See Custom Queries for more information.

For information regarding the results returned by Analyze Lending, see Analyze Lending Response Objects .