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Analyzing Identity Documents

Amazon Textract can extract relevant information from passports, driver licenses, and other identity documentation issued by the US Government using the AnalyzeID API. With Analyze ID, businesses can quickly, and accurately extract information from IDs such as U.S. driver licenses, state IDs, and passports that have different template or format. AnalyzeID API returns two categories of data types:

  • Key-value pairs available on ID such as Date of Birth, Date of Issue, ID #, Class, and Restrictions.

  • Implied fields on the document that may not have explicit keys associated with them such as Name, Address, and Issued By.

Key names are standardized within the response. For example, if your driver license says LIC# (license number) and passport says Passport No, Analyze ID response will return the standardized key as “Document ID” along with the raw key (e.g. LIC#). This standardization lets customers easily combine information across many IDs that use different terms for the same concept.

                Descriptive text here: A mock driver's license from the state of
                    Massachusetts. The name of the individual who owns the license is Maria Garcia.
                    The ISS field has a value of 03/18/2018. The Number field has a value of
                    736HDV7874JSB. The EXP field has a value of 01/20/2028. The DOB field has a
                    value of 03/18/2001. The CLASS field has a value of D. The REST field is NONE.
                    The END field is NONE. The address on the ID is 100 Market Street, Bigtown, MA,
                    02801. The EYES field is BLK, the SEX field is F, the HGT field is 4-6'', the DD
                    field is 03/12/2019, and the REV field is 03/12/2017.

Analyze ID returns information in the structures called IdentityDocumentFields. These are JSON structures containing two pieces of information: the normalized Type and the Value associated with the Type. These both also have a confidence score. For more information, see Identity Documentation Response Objects.

You can use synchronous operations to analyze a driver's license or passport. To analyze these documents, you use the AnalyzeID operation and pass an identity document to it. AnalyzeID returns the entire set of results. For more information, see Analyzing Identity Documentation with Amazon Textract.


Some identity documents, such as driver's licenses, have two sides. You can pass the front and back images of driver licenses as separate images within the same Analyze ID API request.