Amazon Transcribe
Developer Guide

What Is Amazon Transcribe Medical?

You can use Amazon Transcribe Medical as a speech to text streaming service to enable real-time transcription of patient visits. Amazon Transcribe Medical was developed with an extensive medical vocabulary to ensure accurate transcription results. It uses a WebSocket to establish two-way communication between the server and the browser. The WebSocket makes it possible to transcribe spoken records into an output JSON file in real time. Amazon Transcribe Medical enables real-time transcription of patient visits and conversations, providing an easy-to-review record.

Using automatic speech recognition (ASR) technology, Amazon Transcribe Medical can transcribe physician dictation and patient conversations to text Based on your input as to whether the input is dictation or conversation, Amazon Transcribe Medical produces an accurate transcription for either type of audio. .

You can use Amazon Transcribe Medical for the following scenarios:

  • Clinical documentation of patient visits

  • Drug monitoring and safety (that is, pharmacovigilance)

You can use Amazon Comprehend Medical for further analysis of your transcript.

Important Notice

Amazon Transcribe Medical is not a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Identify the right confidence threshold for your use case, and use high confidence thresholds in situations that require high accuracy. For certain use cases, results should be reviewed and verified by appropriately trained human reviewers. All operations of Amazon Transcribe Medical should only be used in patient care scenarios after review for accuracy and sound medical judgement by trained medical professionals.

Transcribing Streaming Audio

You can use Amazon Transcribe Medical to transcribe streaming audio in real time. When you send Amazon Transcribe Medical a stream of audio, it returns a stream of JSON objects containing the transcription of the audio.

For more information about processing audio streams, see Amazon Transcribe Medical Streaming Transcription.

Supported Specialties

Amazon Transcribe Medical currently supports clinical documentation for the following primary care specialties:

  • Family Practice

  • Pediatrics

  • Obstetrics and Gynecology (OB-GYN)

  • Internal Medicine

Are You a First-time User of Amazon Transcribe Medical ?

If you are a first-time user, we recommend that you read the following sections in order:

  1. How Amazon Transcribe Medical Works—Introduces Amazon Transcribe Medical.

  2. API Reference—Contains reference documentation for Amazon Transcribe Medical operations.