Call analytics - Amazon Transcribe

Call analytics

The call analytics feature is designed to help you gain insight into customer-agent interactions. The key components of this feature are:

When you're ready to set up a call analytics job, see Start a call analytics transcription job.


To view sample call analytics output and features, check out our GitHub demo.

Considerations when using call analytics:

  • Job queuing is always enabled.

  • Input files for call analytics cannot be greater than 500 MB and must be less than 4 hours.

  • A call analytics job only uses the categories you've previously created. Any new categories cannot be applied to previous call analytics jobs.

For a list of languages that support call analytics, refer to Supported languages and language-specific features. Note that if you're using redaction, only US English (en-US) is supported.

For call analytics quotas, refer to Guidelines and quotas.

Call analytics output is similar to that of a standard transcription job, but contains additional data based on the analytics categories you create. For example output, see Sample call analytics output.