AWS Transfer for SFTP
User Guide

Getting Started

In this getting started exercise, you do the following:

  • Sign in to the AWS Transfer for SFTP console.

  • Create your first SFTP server.

  • Add a user.

  • Perform a file transfer using an SFTP client.

Before you start, complete the requirements found in Setting Up. As part of this, you create an Amazon S3 bucket and AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) user role.

When you create an SFTP server, you decide how that server can authenticate users and provide access to Amazon S3 storage. This getting-started exercise uses service-managed authentication, which is authentication managed by AWS SFTP. In service-managed authentication, Secure Shell (SSH) key pairs are used.

You can also integrate your own custom authentication method to work with AWS SFTP. For this approach, both password and key-based authentication are supported. For more information on custom authentication, see Using Custom Identity Providers.