Edit monitoring details for a VPC Lattice service - Amazon VPC Lattice

Edit monitoring details for a VPC Lattice service

VPC Lattice generates metrics and logs for every request and response, making it more efficient to monitor and troubleshoot applications.

You can enable access logs and specify the destination resource for your logs. VPC Lattice can send logs to the following resources: CloudWatch Log groups, Firehose delivery streams, and S3 buckets.

To enable access logs or update a log destination using the console
  1. Open the Amazon VPC console at https://console.aws.amazon.com/vpc/.

  2. In the navigation pane, under VPC Lattice, choose Services.

  3. Select the name of the service to open its details page.

  4. Choose the Monitoring tab and then choose Logs. Check Access logs to see whether access logs are enabled.

  5. To enable or disable access logs, choose Edit access logs, and then turn the Access logs toggle switch on or off.

  6. When you enable access logs, you must select the type of delivery destination, and then create or choose the destination for the access logs. You can also change the delivery destination at any time. For example:

    • Select CloudWatch Log group and choose a CloudWatch Log group. To create a log group, choose Create a log group in CloudWatch.

    • Select S3 bucket and enter the S3 bucket path, including any prefix. To search your S3 buckets, choose Browse S3.

    • Select Kinesis Data Firehose delivery stream and choose a delivery stream. To create a delivery stream, choose Create a delivery stream in Kinesis.

  7. Choose Save changes.

To enable access logs using the AWS CLI

Use the create-access-log-subscription command.

To update the log destination using the AWS CLI

Use the update-access-log-subscription command.

To disable access logs using the AWS CLI

Use the delete-access-log-subscription command.