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TLS listeners for VPC Lattice services

A listener is a process that checks for connection requests. You can define a listener when you create your VPC Lattice service. You can add listeners to your service at any time.

You can create a TLS listener so that VPC Lattice passes encrypted traffic through to your applications without decrypting it.

If you prefer that VPC Lattice decrypts encrypted traffic and sends unencrypted traffic to your applications, create an HTTPS listener instead. For more information, see HTTPS listeners.


The following considerations apply to TLS listeners:

  • The VPC Lattice service must have a custom domain name. The service custom domain name is used as a Service Name Indication (SNI) match. If you specified a certificate when you created the service, it is not used.

  • The only rule allowed for a TLS listener is the default rule.

  • The default action for a TLS listener must be a forward action to a TCP target group.

  • By default, health checks are disabled for TCP target groups. If you enable health checks for a TCP target group, you must specify a protocol and protocol version.

  • TLS listeners route requests using the SNI field of the client-hello message. You can use wildcard and SAN certificates on your targets if the matching condition is an exact match to the client-hello.

  • Because all traffic remains encrypted from the client to the target, VPC Lattice can't read the HTTP headers and can't insert or remove HTTP headers. Therefore, with a TLS listener, the following limitations exist:

    • Connection duration is limited to 10 minutes

    • Auth policies are limited to anonymous principals

    • Lambda targets are not supported

Add a TLS listener

You configure a listener with a protocol and a port for connections from clients to the service, and a target group for the default listener rule. For more information, see Listener configuration.

To add a TLS listener using the console
  1. Open the Amazon VPC console at

  2. In the navigation pane, under VPC Lattice, choose Services.

  3. Select the name of the service to open its details page.

  4. On the Routing tab, choose Add listener.

  5. For Listener name, you can either provide a custom listener name or use the protocol and port of your listener as the listener name. A custom name that you specify can have up to 63 characters, and it must be unique for every service in your account. The valid characters are a-z, 0-9, and hyphens (-). You can't use a hyphen as the first or last character, or immediately after another hyphen. You cannot change the name of a listener after you create it.

  6. For Protocol, choose TLS. For Port, enter a port number.

  7. For Forward to target group, choose a VPC Lattice target group that uses the TCP protocol to receive the traffic, and choose the weight to assign to this target group. You can optionally add another target group. Choose Add target group and then choose a target group and enter its weight.

  8. (Optional) To add tags, expand Listener tags, choose Add new tag, and enter a tag key and tag value.

  9. Review your configuration, and then choose Add.

To add a TLS listener using the AWS CLI

Use the create-listener command to create a listener with a default rule. Specify the TLS_PASSTHROUGH protocol.