Work with AWS-managed prefix lists - Amazon Virtual Private Cloud

Work with AWS-managed prefix lists

AWS-managed prefix lists are sets of IP address ranges for AWS services.

Use an AWS-managed prefix list

AWS-managed prefix lists are created and maintained by AWS and can be used by anyone with an AWS account. You cannot create, modify, share, or delete an AWS-managed prefix list.

You can see the available AWS-managed prefix lists and the prefix list IDs in the following ways:

The following AWS-managed prefix lists are available:

Prefix list name AWS service


Amazon S3



Amazon CloudFront

As with customer-managed prefix lists, AWS-managed prefix lists can be used with AWS resources such as security groups and route tables. For more information, see Reference prefix lists in your AWS resources.

AWS-managed prefix list weight

The AWS-managed prefix list weight refers to the number of entries a prefix list will take up in a resource.

Prefix list name AWS service Weight


Amazon S3



DynamoDB 1

Amazon CloudFront 55

The Amazon CloudFront managed prefix list weight is unique in how it affects Amazon VPC quotas:

For more information, see Use the CloudFront managed prefix list in the Amazon CloudFront Developer Guide.