Work with AWS-managed prefix lists - Amazon Virtual Private Cloud

Work with AWS-managed prefix lists

AWS-managed prefix lists are sets of IP address ranges for AWS services.

Use an AWS-managed prefix list

AWS-managed prefix lists are created and maintained by AWS and can be used by anyone with an AWS account. You cannot create, modify, share, or delete an AWS-managed prefix list.

As with customer-managed prefix lists, you can use AWS-managed prefix lists with AWS resources such as security groups and route tables. For more information, see Reference prefix lists in your AWS resources.

AWS-managed prefix list weight

The weight of an AWS-managed prefix list refers to the number of entries that it takes up in a resource.

For example, the weight of a Amazon CloudFront managed prefix list is 55. Here's how the this affects your Amazon VPC quotas:

Available AWS-managed prefix lists

The following services provide AWS-managed prefix lists.

AWS service Prefix list name Weight
Amazon CloudFront 55
Amazon DynamoDB com.amazonaws.region.dynamodb 1
AWS Ground Station 5
Amazon Route 53 com.amazonaws.region.ipv6.route53-healthchecks 25
com.amazonaws.region.route53-healthchecks 25
Amazon S3 com.amazonaws.region.s3 1
Amazon S3 Express One Zone com.amazonaws.region.s3express 6
Amazon VPC Lattice com.amazonaws.region.vpc-lattice 10
com.amazonaws.region.ipv6.vpc-lattice 10
To view the AWS-managed prefix lists using the console
  1. Open the Amazon VPC console at

  2. In the navigation pane, choose Managed Prefix Lists.

  3. In the search field, add the Owner ID: AWS filter.

To view the AWS-managed prefix lists using the AWS CLI

Use the describe-managed-prefix-lists command as follows.

aws ec2 describe-managed-prefix-lists --filters Name=owner-id,Values=AWS