AWS Tools for Microsoft Visual Studio Team Services
User Guide

Task Reference

This reference describes the tasks that are included in the AWS Tools for Microsoft Visual Studio Team Services.


  • You must have an AWS account. For information on setting up an account, see Set up AWS Credentials for the AWS Tools for VSTS.

  • A required parameter for each task is AWS Credentials. If you haven't created an AWS Connection, choose the + to the right of the parameter. A dialog box opens asking you to enter your AWS access key and secret key credentials and to provide a name. We do not recommend using your root credentials. Instead, use the credentials associated with an IAM user account.

    The secret key text is automatically masked. Choose OK to save the credentials into your VSTS account and return to the configuration of the new task.

    The name for the new credentials is entered into the AWS Credentials box. Once created, those credentials are available in the parameter's list whenever you set up a task.

               Add an AWS connection