AWS Tools for Microsoft Visual Studio Team Services
User Guide

Task Reference

This reference describes the tasks that are included in the AWS Tools for Microsoft Visual Studio Team Services.


You must have an AWS account. For information on setting up an account, see AWSSignUp.

Each task requires AWS credentials for your account be available to the build agent running your task, and the region in which the API calls to AWS services should be made.

You can either:

  • Specify credentials explicitly for each task, by configuring a named service endpoint (of endpoint type AWS) and then referring to the endpoint name in the AWS Credentials field for each task. Region can be set in the AWS Region property for a task.


    Add an AWS connection

  • Supply credentials and region to tasks using environment variables in the process hosting the build agent.

  • If your build agent is running on an Amazon EC2 instance you can also elect to have credentials (and region) be obtained automatically from the instance metadata associated with the instance. For credentials to be available from EC2 instance metadata the instance must have been started with an instance profile referencing a role granting permissions to the task to make calls to AWS on your behalf. See Using an IAM Role to Grant Permissions to Applications Running on Amazon EC2 Instances for more information

Note: If you choose to use an AWS Service Endpoint to supply credentials to tasks we strongly recommend using an AWS Identity and Access Management user account, with appropriate permissions to scope the privileges of the user account to only those needed to execute the task(s) you need.