AWS Managed Rules rule groups list - AWS WAF, AWS Firewall Manager, and AWS Shield Advanced

AWS Managed Rules rule groups list

This section describes the most recent versions of the AWS Managed Rules rule groups. You see these on the console when you add a managed rule group to your web ACL. Through the API, you can retrieve this list along with the AWS Marketplace managed rule groups that you're subscribed to by calling ListAvailableManagedRuleGroups.


For information about retrieving an AWS Managed Rules rule group's versions, see Retrieving the available versions for a managed rule group.

All AWS Managed Rules rule groups support labeling, and the rule listings in this section include label specifications. You can retrieve the labels for a managed rule group through the API by calling DescribeManagedRuleGroup. The labels are listed in the AvailableLabels property in the response. For information about labeling, see Labels on web requests.

The information that we publish for the AWS Managed Rules rule group rules is intended to provide you with enough information to use the rules while not providing information that bad actors could use to circumvent the rules. If you need more information than you find in this documentation, contact the AWS Support Center.

Test and tune any changes to your AWS WAF protections before you use them for production traffic. For information, see Testing and tuning your AWS WAF protections.