Guest users - AWS Wickr

Guest users

The Wickr guest user feature allows individual guest users to sign in to the Wickr client and collaborate with Wickr network users.


The guest users feature must be enabled for the Wickr network. If you are a guest user and experience difficulties communicating with users who are registered to a Wickr network, then the guest users feature might not be enabled for the Wickr network. Users who are registered to the Wickr network should get in touch with their Wickr administrator to determine if the guest users feature is enabled. Wickr administrators see Guest users in the Wickr Administration Guide.

Guest user account limitations

The following limitations apply to guest user accounts:

  • Guest users can’t initiate communication with Wickr network users. Wickr network users can start communication with guest users and add guest users to direct messages, rooms, or groups to initiate a secure conversation. Guest users can share their registered email address to let Wickr network users know how to find them on Wickr.


    Wickr network users can find guest users when writing a direct message, creating a room, or a group message. The dialog box when writing a direct message, creating a room, or group message allows you to search for network and guest users.

  • Guest users can't create rooms or groups. Wickr network users can create a room or group, and add guests and external users from other Wickr networks (if federation is enabled). After that, guest users can send messages in the room or group, view members, and start a direct message.

  • Guest users can’t be moderators or add members in Wickr rooms and groups.

  • Guest users can communicate with each other only when the guest users are in the same room as a network user.

  • A guest user can continue communicating in the Wickr network, only if a network user has communicated with the guest within the last 90 days.