Editing users - Amazon WorkDocs

Editing users

You can change existing user information and settings by editing users.

To edit users

  1. Sign in to Amazon WorkDocs using your administrator credentials.

  2. Under My Account, choose Open admin control panel.

  3. Under Manage Users, choose the pencil icon ( 
                        pencil icon
                    ) next to the user's name.

  4. In the Edit User dialog box, you can edit the following options:

    First Name (Cloud Directory only)

    The user's first name.

    Last Name (Cloud Directory only)

    The user's last name.


    Specifies if the user is Active or Inactive. For more information, see Disabling users.


    Specifies whether the user is a user or administrator. You can also upgrade or downgrade a user that has an Amazon WorkSpaces WorkSpace assigned to them. For more information, see User roles overview.


    Specifies the storage limit for an existing user.

  5. Choose Save Changes.