Disabling users - Amazon WorkDocs

Disabling users

You disable a user's access by changing their status to Inactive.

To change user status to Inactive

  1. Sign into Amazon WorkDocs as an administrator.

  2. Under Admin, choose Open admin control panel.

  3. Under Manage Users, choose the pencil icon ( 
                        pencil icon
                    ) next to the user's name.

  4. Choose Inactive, and choose Save Changes

The inactivated user can't access your Amazon WorkDocs site.


Changing a user to Inactive status does not delete their files, folders, or feedback from your Amazon WorkDocs site. However, you can transfer an inactive user's files and folders to an active user. For more information, see Transferring document ownership.

Deleting pending users (Simple AD only)

You can only delete Simple AD users in Pending status. To delete one of those users, choose the trash can icon ( 
                        trash can icon
                    ) next to the user's name.

Your Amazon WorkDocs site must always have at least one active user who is not a guest user. If you need to delete all users, delete your entire Amazon WorkDocs site.

We do not recommend that you delete registered users. Instead, you should switch a user from Active to Inactive status to prevent them from accessing your Amazon WorkDocs site.