Amazon WorkDocs
User Guide

Getting Started with Amazon WorkDocs

Amazon WorkDocs is based on organizations and include the users who belong to the organization, as well as information about each user's folders and documents. Before you can start using Amazon WorkDocs, you must complete the following tasks.

Step 1: Get Invited

Participation in an Amazon WorkDocs organization is by invitation only. Your Amazon WorkDocs administrator creates an organization and invites the users to join that organization. An administrator can also enable other people in the organization to invite others to join the organization.

You will receive communication from your Amazon WorkDocs administrator with information about how to register (if necessary) and where to download the client applications from.

Step 2: Register

When you receive your invitation to join an Amazon WorkDocs organization, you may need to complete your user registration. Completing your registration involves setting your user information, which includes the following:

  • First name

  • Last name

  • Password

You can change your profile photo, timezone, and password from your Profile page after you complete your registration. For more information, see User Profile.

Step 3: Start Using Amazon WorkDocs

After the previous steps are complete, you can begin working with Amazon WorkDocs using one of the client applications. There are several clients used for document collaboration. Additionally, there is a document synchronization client that enables you to synchronize a folder on your Mac or Windows desktop with your Amazon WorkDocs files. For more information, see Amazon WorkDocs Clients.