Enable diagnostic log uploads - Amazon WorkSpaces

Enable diagnostic log uploads

To troubleshoot WorkSpaces client issues, enable automatic diagnostic log uploads. This is currently supported for Windows clients.


The WorkSpaces client diagnostic log uploads feature is currently unavailable in the AWS GovCloud (US-West) Region.

Diagnostic log uploads

Diagnostic log uploads allow you to upload WorkSpaces client log files directly to WorkSpaces to troubleshoot issues without interrupting use of the WorkSpaces client. If you enable diagnostic log uploads for your users, or let your users do so themselves, the log files are sent to WorkSpaces automatically. You can enable diagnostic log uploads before or during a WorkSpaces streaming session.

When you install version 5.4.0 or later of the WorkSpaces client for Windows on devices that you manage, the diagnostic log uploads feature is automatically enabled for your users. You can edit the directory settings to enable or disable the WorkSpaces Windows client to upload diagnostic logs automatically using an API call. If enabled, when a client issue occurs, the logs are sent to WorkSpaces without user interaction. For more information, see the WorkSpaces API reference.

You can also let your users choose whether to enable automatic diagnostic log uploads after client installation. For more information, see WorkSpaces Windows client application.


Diagnostic logs don't contain sensitive information. You can disable automatic diagnostic log uploads for your users at the directory level, or allow your users to disable these features themselves.