Amazon WorkSpaces
Administration Guide

Modify a WorkSpace

You can increase the size of the root and user volumes for a WorkSpace, up to 2000 GB each. You can expand these volumes whether they are encrypted or unencrypted. You can request a volume expansion once in a 6-hour period. To ensure that your data is preserved, you cannot decrease the size of the root or user volumes after you launch a WorkSpace.


When you expand a volume for a WorkSpace, Amazon WorkSpaces automatically extends the volume's partition within Windows. However, for this change to take effect, you must restart the WorkSpace.

You can switch a WorkSpace between the Value, Standard, Performance, Power, and PowerPro bundles. When you request a bundle change, Amazon WorkSpaces restarts the WorkSpace using the new bundle. Amazon WorkSpaces preserves the operating system, applications, data, and storage settings for the WorkSpace. You can request a larger bundle once in a 6-hour period or a smaller bundle once every 30 days. For a newly launched WorkSpace, you must wait 6 hours before requesting a larger bundle.

To modify the configuration of a WorkSpace

  1. Open the Amazon WorkSpaces console at

  2. In the navigation pane, choose WorkSpaces.

  3. Select the WorkSpace and choose Actions, Modify WorkSpace.

  4. To increase the size of the root volume or user volume, choose Modify Volume Sizes and type the new values.


    You can only resize SSD volumes.

  5. To change the bundle, choose Change Compute Type and select the new bundle type.

  6. Choose Modify.