Amazon WorkSpaces
User Guide

Amazon WorkSpaces Android Client Application

The following information will help you get started with the Amazon WorkSpaces Android client application.


The Amazon WorkSpaces Android client application requires the following:

  • Amazon Kindle Fire tablets released after 2012 with Fire OS 4.0 and later

  • Samsung or Nexus tablets with Android OS 4.4 and later. The client application works on most tablets with Android version 4.4 or later, but some devices might not be compatible. If you have problems with a device, you can report the problem on the Amazon WorkSpaces forum.

Setup and Installation

To download and install the client application, complete the following procedure.

To download and install the client application

  1. On your tablet, open and choose the link for your tablet.

  2. Download and install the application.

  3. Verify that the Amazon WorkSpaces client application icon appears on one of the tablet desktops.

Connecting to Your WorkSpace

To connect to your WorkSpace, complete the following procedure.

To connect to your WorkSpace

  1. On your tablet, open the Amazon WorkSpaces client application.

  2. The first time that you run the client application, you are prompted for your registration code, which is contained in your welcome email. The Amazon WorkSpaces client application uses the registration code and username to identify which WorkSpace to connect to. When you launch the client application later, the same registration code is used. You can enter a different registration code by launching the client application and tapping Enter new registration code on the login screen.

  3. Enter your username and password and tap Sign In. If your Amazon WorkSpaces administrator has enabled multi-factor authentication for your organization's WorkSpaces, you are prompted for a passcode to complete your login. Your Amazon WorkSpaces administrator will provide more information about how to obtain your passcode.

  4. If your Amazon WorkSpaces administrator has not disabled the "Remember Me" feature, you are prompted to save your credentials securely so that you can connect to your WorkSpace easily in the future. Your credentials will be securely cached up to the maximum lifetime of your Kerberos ticket.

    After the client application connects to your WorkSpace, your WorkSpace desktop is displayed.

    (Optional) If your WorkSpace uses an AD Connector directory, you can update the maximum lifetime of the Kerberos ticket by following the steps in Configuring Kerberos Policies in the Microsoft TechNet Library. If you need to disable the "Remember Me" feature, search for help in the Amazon WorkSpaces forum.


The following are the gestures that are supported for the Amazon WorkSpaces Android client application.

Single tap

Equivalent to a single click in Windows.

Double tap

Equivalent to a double click in Windows.

Two finger single tap

Equivalent to a right-click in Windows.

Two finger double tap

Toggles the on-screen keyboard display.

Swipe from left

Displays the radial menu. For more information, see Radial Menu

Two finger scroll

Scrolls vertically.

Two finger pinch

Zooms display in or out.

Two finger pan

Pans the desktop when zoomed in.

Radial Menu

The radial menu is displayed by swiping from the left side of the screen.

                Android radial menu

The radial menu provides quick access to the following features:

Connection Status – Displays the connection status.

Disconnect – Disconnects the client application without logging off.

Direct Mouse Mode – Sets the input to direct mouse mode. For more information, see Mouse Modes.

Help – Displays the command and gesture tutorial.

Keyboard – Toggles the display of the on-screen keyboard.

Windows Start Menu – Displays the Windows Start Menu.

Offset Mouse Mode – Sets the input to offset mouse mode. For more information, see Mouse Modes.


To toggle the display of the on-screen keyboard, double-tap with two fingers anywhere on the screen. Special key combinations are displayed in the top row of the keyboard.

Mouse Modes

The mouse mode is set using the radial menu.

Direct Mode

In direct mouse mode, the mouse cursor is placed wherever you tap your finger. In this mode, a single tap is equivalent to a left mouse button click and a two finger single tap is equivalent to a right mouse button click.

Offset Mode

In offset mouse mode, the mouse cursor tracks the movement of your finger on the screen. In this mode, simulate a left mouse button click by tapping the left mouse button icon.

                    Left mouse button icon

Simulate a right mouse button click by tapping the right mouse button icon.

                    Right mouse button icon


To disconnect the Android client, display the radial menu, tap the disconnect icon, and tap Disconnect. You can also log off the WorkSpace, which disconnects the client.

Release Notes

The following table describes the changes to each release of the Android client application.

Release Changes


  • Adds support for mouse cursor contextual shape changes.


  • Adds support for the Right alt key mapping with Japanese keyboard layouts.

  • Resolves an occasional issue with blue overlay.


Minor fixes


  • Resolves an issue that makes the login page bounce on a few devices.

  • Minor bug fixes


  • Resolves an issue with content being selected with two-finger scrolling

  • Minor bug fixes


Improves support for Japanese keyboard layouts


Adds support for Samsung Galaxy Note 9


  • Improves clipboard redirection

  • Improves DeX startup


Adds support for uniform resource identifiers (URIs), which enable login orchestration


  • Adds support for time zone redirection for more regions: America/Indianapolis America/Indiana/Marengo America/Indiana/Vevay America/Indiana/Indianapolis

  • Includes text changes to the Login page user interface


Minor improvements to session provision handling


  • Minor fixes

  • Improves copy and paste


  • New logo

  • Improves the user interface and stability


  • Addresses a display overlay issue on Android Oreo when a mouse is connected to the device

  • Adds support for Samsung S8/S8+ screen configurations

  • Resolves minor issues


Localization enhancements


  • Adds support for the German language

  • Improves the Japanese user interface

  • Improves stability


  • Adds support for the following new WorkSpace states: STOPPING and STOPPED

  • Adds support for audio in, enabling you to make calls or attend web conferences

  • Resolves minor bugs and improves stability


  • Adds support for saving registration codes, enabling you to switch WorkSpaces without re-entering the registration codes

  • Improves usability and stability


  • Adds advanced connection health checks, enabling you to troubleshoot connection issues

  • Improves stability


  • Improves the user interface and login experience

  • Adds support for choosing the screen resolution

  • Adds support for choosing the scrolling direction


  • Improves the login experience

  • Adds time zone synchronization between the local device and the WorkSpace


Improves the login experience


Initial release