Managing Notifications - Amazon Mechanical Turk

Managing Notifications

This section describes how to set up and handle Amazon Mechanical Turk event notification messages. A notification message describes one or more events that happened in regards to a HIT type. For more information, see Elements of a Notification Message.

You can configure Amazon Mechanical Turk to notify you whenever certain events occur during the life cycle of a HIT. Mechanical Turk can send you a notification message when a Worker accepts, abandons, returns, or submits an assignment, when a HIT becomes "reviewable", or when a HIT expires, for any HIT of a given HIT type.

Notifications are specified as part of a HIT type. To set up notifications for a HIT type, you call the UpdateNotificationSettings operation with a HIT type ID and a notification specification. For more information about HIT types, see Understanding HIT Types.

A notification specification is defined by a Notification data structure, which describes a HIT event notification for the HIT type. The notification specification is passed as the Notification parameter when calling UpdateNotificationSettings.

Amazon Mechanical Turk can send a notification to an Amazon Simple Queue Service (Amazon SQS) queue or to an Amazon Simple Notification Service (Amazon SNS) topic.

For more information about setting up and handling notifications, see Creating and Managing Notifications.

For more information on configuring notifications using SQS, see Notification Handling Using Amazon SQS.

For more information on configuring notifications using SNS, see Notification Handling Using Amazon SNS.

You can test your application's ability to receive notifications using SendTestEventNotification.