Step 4: Access your content through CloudFront - Amazon CloudFront

Step 4: Access your content through CloudFront

To access your content through CloudFront, combine the domain name for your CloudFront distribution with the main page for your content.

  • Your distribution domain name might look like this:

  • The path to the main page of a website is typically /index.html.

Therefore, the URL to access your content through CloudFront might look like this:

If you followed the previous steps and used the simple hello world web page, you should see the content:

					The Hello world
						web page.

When you upload more content to this S3 bucket, you can access the content through CloudFront by combining the CloudFront distribution domain name with the path to the object in the S3 bucket. For example, if you upload a new file named new-page.html to the root of your S3 bucket, the URL looks like this: