Creating and updating Amazon S3 Storage Lens dashboards - Amazon Simple Storage Service

Creating and updating Amazon S3 Storage Lens dashboards

S3 Storage Lens aggregates your metrics and displays the information in the Account snapshot section on the Amazon S3 console Buckets page. S3 Storage Lens also provides an interactive dashboard that you can use to visualize insights and trends, flag outliers, and receive recommendations for optimizing storage costs and applying data-protection best practices. Your dashboard has drill-down options to generate insights at the organization, account, bucket, object, or prefix level. You can also send a once-daily metrics export in CSV or Parquet format to an S3 bucket.

The Amazon S3 Storage Lens default dashboard is default-account-dashboard. This dashboard is preconfigured by Amazon S3 to help you visualize summarized insights and trends for your entire account's aggregated free and advanced metrics on the console. You can't modify the default dashboard's configuration scope, but you can upgrade the metrics selection from the free metrics to the paid advanced metrics and recommendations, configure the optional metrics export, or even disable the default dashboard. The default dashboard cannot be deleted.

You can also create additional S3 Storage Lens custom dashboards that can be scoped to your organization in AWS Organizations or to specific Regions or buckets within an account.