Registering domain names using Amazon Route 53 - Amazon Route 53

Registering domain names using Amazon Route 53

When you want to get a new domain name, such as the part of the URL, you can register it with Amazon Route 53. You can also transfer the registration for existing domains from other registrars to Route 53 or transfer the registration for domains that you register with Route 53 to another registrar.

The procedures in this chapter explain how to register and transfer domains using the Route 53 console, and how to edit domain settings and view domain status. If you're only registering and managing a few domains, using the console is the easiest way.

If you need to register and manage a lot of domains, you might prefer to make changes programmatically. For more information, see Setting up Amazon Route 53.


If you are using a language for which an AWS SDK exists, use the SDK rather than trying to work your way through the APIs. The SDKs make authentication simpler, integrate easily with your development environment, and provide easy access to Route 53 commands.

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