(Optional) Configure email for your domain - AWS Certificate Manager

(Optional) Configure email for your domain


The following steps are required only if you use email validation to assert that you own or control the FQDN (fully qualified domain name) specified in your certificate request. ACM requires that you validate ownership or control before it issues a certificate. You can use either email validation or DNS validation.

If you are able to edit your DNS configuration, we recommend that you use DNS domain validation rather than email validation. DNS validation removes the need to configure email for the domain name. For more information about DNS validation, see DNS validation.

Domain validation

To set up email validation for your domain, use the console or configure DomainValidationOption in your call to RequestCertificate. ACM sends validation email messages to your requested domain name. You can also specify a superdomain as a validation domain if you wish to receive these emails at that domain instead. Any subdomain up to the minimal website address is valid, and is used as the domain for the email address as the suffix after @. For example, you can receive an email to admin@example.com if you specify example.com as the validation domain for subdomain.example.com. If you have trouble with validation email, see Troubleshoot email validation problems.