Document History - AWS Flow Framework for Java

Document History

The following table describes the important changes to the documentation since the last release of the AWS Flow Framework for Java Developer Guide.

  • API version: 2012-01-25

  • Latest documentation update: June 25, 2018

Change Description Date Changed


Fixed an error in the backoffCoefficient description for @ExponentialRetry. See @ExponentialRetry.

June 25, 2018


Cleaned up the code examples throughout this guide.

June 5, 2017


Simplified and improved the organization and contents of this guide.

May 19, 2017


Simplified and improved the Making Changes to Decider Code: Versioning and Feature Flags section.

April 10, 2017


Added the new Best Practices section with new guidance on making changes to decider code.

March 3, 2017

New feature

You can specify Lambda tasks in addition to traditional Activity tasks in your workflows. For more information, see Implementing AWS Lambda Tasks.

July 21, 2015

New feature

Amazon SWF includes support for setting the task priority on a task list, attempting to deliver the tasks with a higher priority before tasks with lower priority. For more information, see Setting Task Priority.

December 17, 2014


Made updates and fixes.

August 1, 2013


  • Made updates and fixes, including updates of the setup instructions for Eclipse 4.3 and AWS SDK for Java 1.4.7.

  • Added a new set of tutorials for building starter scenarios

June 28, 2013

New feature

The initial release of the AWS Flow Framework for Java.

February 27, 2012