Configuring observability for your service - AWS App Runner

Configuring observability for your service

AWS App Runner integrates with several AWS services to provide you with an extensive observability suite of tools for your App Runner service. For more information, see Observability for your App Runner service.

App Runner supports enabling some observability features and configuring their behavior by using a sharable resource called ObservabilityConfiguration. You can provide an observability configuration resource when you create or update a service. The App Runner console creates one for you when you create a new App Runner service. Providing an observability configuration is optional. If you don't provide one, App Runner provides a default observability configuration.

You can share a single observability configuration across multiple App Runner services to ensure they have the same observability behavior. For more information, see Configuring service settings using sharable resources.

You can configure the following observability features using observability configurations:

Manage observability

Manage observability for your App Runner services using one of the following methods:

App Runner console

When you create a service using the App Runner console, or when you update its configuration later, you can configure observability features for your service. Look for the Observability configuration section on the console page.

              App Runner console configuration page showing observability options
App Runner API or AWS CLI

When you call the CreateService or UpdateService App Runner API actions, you can use the ObservabilityConfiguration parameter object to enable observability features and specify an observability configuration resource for your service.

Use the following App Runner API actions to manage your observability configuration resources.

  • CreateObservabilityConfiguration – Creates a new observability configuration or a revision to an existing one.

  • ListObservabilityConfigurations – Returns a list of the observability configurations that are associated with your AWS account, with summary information.

  • DescribeObservabilityConfiguration – Returns a full description of an observability configuration.

  • DeleteObservabilityConfiguration – Deletes an observability configuration. You can delete a specific revision or the latest active revision. You might need to delete unnecessary observability configurations if you reach the observability configuration quota for your AWS account.