Amazon AppStream 2.0
Administration Guide

Amazon AppStream 2.0 Service Limits

By default, AWS limits the resources that you can create and the number of users who can use the service. To request a limit increase, use the AppStream 2.0 Limits form.

The following table lists the limits for each AppStream 2.0 resource. Where no default limit is listed for a specific instance family or instance type, the limit is 0.

Default Limits Per AWS Region Per Account

Resource Default Limit
Stacks 5
Fleets 5
Fleet instances*
  • Stream.standard.medium: 5

  • Stream.standard.large: 5

  • 2

Image builder instances
  • Stream.standard.medium: 5

  • Stream.standard.large: 5

  • 1

Images 5
Number of AWS accounts an image can be shared with 100
Concurrent image copies 2 per destination Region
Image copies (per month) 20
Users in the user pool 50

*For fleet instances that have default internet access enabled, the limit is 100. For information about enabling default internet access for a fleet, see Enabling Internet Access Using a Public Subnet.