Delegations in AWS Audit Manager - AWS Audit Manager

Delegations in AWS Audit Manager

Audit owners use AWS Audit Manager to create assessments and collect evidence for the controls that are listed in that assessment. Sometimes audit owners might have questions or need assistance when validating the evidence for a control set. In this situation, an audit owner can delegate a control set to a subject matter expert for review.

At a high level, the delegation process is as follows.

  1. The audit owner chooses a control set in their assessment and delegates it for review.

  2. The delegate reviews those controls and their evidence, and submits the control set back to the audit owner when finished.

  3. The audit owner is notified that the review is complete, and checks the reviewed controls for any remarks from the delegate.

Use the following sections of this guide to learn more about how to manage delegation tasks in AWS Audit Manager.


An AWS account can be an audit owner or a delegate in different AWS Regions.