AWS Backup quotas - AWS Backup

AWS Backup quotas

Following are the resource quotas that apply when working with AWS Backup.

Resource Quota
Number of backup vaults per Region per account 100
Number of concurrent backup copies (per service) to a destination Region per account 5*
Number of backup plans per Region per account 100
Number of versions per backup plan 2,000
Number of active backup jobs per account Unlimited
Number of concurrent backup jobs per resource** 1
Number of metadata tags per saved resource 50
Number of recovery points per backup vault 1,000,000
Number of frameworks per account per Region 10
Number of controls per account per Region 50
Number of report plans per account 20
Number of frameworks per report plan 1,000

*AWS Backup supports up to 100 concurrent backup copies of Amazon EC2 Amazon Machine Images (AMIs) to a destination AWS Region per account.

**The quota of one concurrent backup job per resource cannot be increased. This quota helps you maintain the performance of your workloads.

If you need an AWS Backup quota adjusted for a specific use case, you can ask if this is possible by contacting AWS Support.

AWS Backup allows you to assign an unlimited number of resources to a backup plan using tags. You can assign up to 100 unique resources to a backup plan using Amazon Resource Names (ARNs).

When you manage backups across multiple accounts using AWS Organizations, you might encounter quotas that AWS Organizations imposes. For these quotas, see Quotas for AWS Organizations in the AWS Organizations User Guide.