Managing responses to your requests - AWS IQ

Managing responses to your requests

When an AWS Certified expert responds to your request, you receive an email notification. On the Requests page of the AWS IQ console, you see an icon that shows the number of experts who have responded to your request on your request card.

Request card with blue circle icon with white number showing one request response

To read the responses and find out more about experts, choose the request card. You’ll see a page with multiple actions you can take, such as chatting with or calling the expert with video call and screen sharing options. You can also see information about the expert who responded (profile details, AWS Certifications, rates, experience, and customer reviews).

Choose from among the following next steps:

View details and reviews about an expert

Each AWS Certified expert provides a summary of his or her qualifications, AWS Certifications, hourly rates, and professional experience.

On the Experts tab of the firm's Profile, you can read each expert profile to decide whether the expert is a good match for your request. Look for details such as work experience, domain knowledge, or other areas of affinity with what you’re trying to do. You can also find the firm’s location in their Profile.

On the Reviews tab, you can read reviews from other customers who have worked with this expert. When you have completed a paid proposal with an expert, you can rate the expert and write a review. Learn more about Ratings and reviews of experts in AWS IQ.

Chat with an expert

Before you commit to doing any work or accept any proposals, it’s a good idea to chat with an expert to make sure that the expert is the best fit for your project. Through AWS IQ, you can chat with an expert to ask questions, provide additional details about your project, discuss timelines, agree on payment milestones, and more. You and the expert can get all the information you need before agreeing to do any work or creating proposals.


Chatting with an expert is free before you agree to any payment milestones. After you agree on project milestones and payment, the expert might charge you for chatting as time spent on your project.

AWS IQ has basic text chat functionality. If you want to insert a line break in a text chat, press Shift+Enter. The Enter key sends the chat message.

The following chat features are not currently supported:

  • Rich text, such as formatting, markup, and markdown.

  • Hyperlinks. You can provide a plain text link, and the expert can copy and paste the link into a browser.

For more information, see: Using chat, video calls, and screen sharing in AWS IQ.

Compare experts who responded to your request

When two or more experts respond to your request, you can compare the experts in AWS IQ by viewing their information in your request card in AWS IQ.

Next steps

When you’re finished chatting, you can move on to reviewing a proposal to work with your chosen expert. Learn more about Working with proposals in AWS IQ.