About the AWS Support API - AWS Support

About the AWS Support API

The AWS Support API provides access to some of the features in the AWS Support Center.

The API provides two different groups of operations:


You must have a Business, Enterprise On-Ramp, or Enterprise Support plan to use the AWS Support API. For more information, see AWS Support.

For more information about the operations and data types provided by AWS Support, see the AWS Support API Reference.

Support case management

You can use the API to perform the following tasks:

  • Open a support case

  • Get a list and detailed information about recent support cases

  • Filter your search for support cases by dates and case identifiers, including resolved cases

  • Add communications and file attachments to your cases, and add the email recipients for case correspondences. You can attach up to three files. Each file can be up to 5 MB

  • Resolve your cases

The AWS Support API supports CloudTrail logging for support case management operations. For more information, see Logging AWS Support API calls with AWS CloudTrail.

For code examples that demonstrate how to manage the entire life cycle of a support case, see Code examples for AWS Support using AWS SDKs..

AWS Trusted Advisor

You can use the Trusted Advisor operations to perform the following tasks:

  • Get the names and identifiers for the Trusted Advisor checks

  • Request that a Trusted Advisor check be run against your AWS account and resources

  • Get summaries and detailed information for your Trusted Advisor check results

  • Refresh your Trusted Advisor checks

  • Get the status of each Trusted Advisor check

The AWS Support API supports CloudTrail logging for Trusted Advisor operations. For more information, see AWS Trusted Advisor information in CloudTrail logging.

You can use Amazon CloudWatch Events to monitor for changes to your check results for Trusted Advisor. For more information, see Monitoring AWS Trusted Advisor check results with Amazon EventBridge.

For example Java code that demonstrates how to use the Trusted Advisor operations, see Using Trusted Advisor as a web service.


AWS Support is a global service. This means that any endpoint that you use will update your support cases in the Support Center Console.

For example, if you use the US East (N. Virginia) endpoint to create a case, you can use the US West (Oregon) or Europe (Ireland) endpoint to add a correspondence to the same case.

You can use the following endpoints for the AWS Support API:

  • US East (N. Virginia) – https://support.us-east-1.amazonaws.com

  • US West (Oregon) – https://support.us-west-2.amazonaws.com

  • Europe (Ireland) – https://support.eu-west-1.amazonaws.com

  • If you call the CreateCase operation to create test support cases, we recommend that you include a subject line, such as TEST CASE-Please ignore. After you're done with your test support case, call the ResolveCase operation to resolve it.

  • To call the AWS Trusted Advisor operations in the AWS Support API, you must use the US East (N. Virginia) endpoint. Currently, the US West (Oregon) and Europe (Ireland) endpoints don't support the Trusted Advisor operations.

For more information about AWS endpoints, see AWS Support endpoints and quotas in the Amazon Web Services General Reference.

Support in AWS SDKs

The AWS Command Line Interface (AWS CLI), and the AWS Software Development Kits (SDKs) include support for the AWS Support API.

For a list of languages that support the AWS Support API, choose an operation name, such as CreateCase, and in the See Also section, choose your preferred language.