Creating a service quota increase - AWS Support

Creating a service quota increase

To improve the performance of your service, request increases to your service quotas (formerly referred to as limits).


You can also use the Service Quotas service to request increases directly for your services. Currently, Service Quotas doesn't support service quotas for all services. For more information, see What is Service Quotas? in the Service Quotas User Guide.

To create a support case for service quota increases
  1. Sign in to the AWS Support Center Console.


    In the AWS Management Console, you can also choose the question mark icon ( ) and then choose Support Center.

  2. Choose Create case.

  3. Choose Looking for service limit increases?

  4. To request an increase, follow the prompts. Possible options include the following:

    • Limit type

    • Severity


      Based on your category choice, the prompts might request more information.

  5. For Requests, choose the Region.

  6. For Limit, choose the service limit type.

  7. For New limit value, enter the value that you want.

  8. (Optional) To request another increase, choose Add another request.

  9. For Case description, describe your support case.

  10. For Contact options page, choose your preferred language and how you want to be contacted. You can choose one of the following options:

    • Web – Receive a reply in Support Center.

    • Chat – Start a live chat with a support agent. If you can't connect to a chat, see Troubleshooting.

    • Phone – Receive a phone call from a support agent. If you choose this option, enter the following information:

      • Country/Region

      • Phone number

      • (Optional) Extension

  11. Choose Submit. Your case ID number and summary appear.