Data encryption - Amazon Bedrock

Data encryption

Amazon Bedrock uses encryption to protect data at rest and data in transit.

Encryption in transit

Within AWS, all inter-network data in transit supports TLS 1.2 encryption.

Requests to the Amazon Bedrock API and console are made over a secure (SSL) connection. You pass AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) roles to Amazon Bedrock to provide permissions to access resources on your behalf for training and deployment.

Encryption at rest

Amazon Bedrock provides Encryption of model customization jobs and artifacts at rest.

Key management

Use the AWS Key Management Service to manage the keys that you use to encrypt your resources. For more information, see AWS Key Management Service concepts. You can encrypt the following resources with a KMS key.

After you encrypt a resource, you can find the ARN of the KMS key by selecting a resource and viewing its Details in the console or by using the following Get API calls.