Interface CfnMaintenanceWindowTask.TargetProperty

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@Stability(Stable) public static interface CfnMaintenanceWindowTask.TargetProperty extends
The Target property type specifies targets (either instances or window target IDs).

You specify instances by using Key=InstanceIds,Values=< *instanceid1* >,< *instanceid2* > . You specify window target IDs using Key=WindowTargetIds,Values=< *window-target-id-1* >,< *window-target-id-2* > for a maintenance window task in AWS Systems Manager .

Target is a property of the AWS::SSM::MaintenanceWindowTask property type.

To use resource-groups:Name as the key for a maintenance window target, specify the resource group as a AWS::SSM::MaintenanceWindowTarget type, and use the Ref function to specify the target for AWS::SSM::MaintenanceWindowTask . For an example, see Create a Run Command task that targets instances using a resource group name in AWS::SSM::MaintenanceWindowTask Examples .


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 TargetProperty targetProperty = TargetProperty.builder()