Interface AutoBranchCreation

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@Generated(value="jsii-pacmak/1.96.0 (build 921e240)", date="2024-04-10T22:22:37.109Z") @Stability(Experimental) public interface AutoBranchCreation extends
(experimental) Auto branch creation configuration.


 App amplifyApp = App.Builder.create(this, "MyApp")
         .autoBranchCreation(AutoBranchCreation.builder() // Automatically connect branches that match a pattern set
                 .patterns(List.of("feature/*", "test/*")).build())
  • Method Details

    • getAutoBuild

      @Stability(Experimental) @Nullable default Boolean getAutoBuild()
      (experimental) Whether to enable auto building for the auto created branch.

      Default: true

    • getBasicAuth

      @Stability(Experimental) @Nullable default BasicAuth getBasicAuth()
      (experimental) The Basic Auth configuration.

      Use this to set password protection for the auto created branch.

      Default: - no password protection

    • getBuildSpec

      @Stability(Experimental) @Nullable default BuildSpec getBuildSpec()
      (experimental) Build spec for the auto created branch.

      Default: - application build spec

    • getEnvironmentVariables

      @Stability(Experimental) @Nullable default Map<String,String> getEnvironmentVariables()
      (experimental) Environment variables for the auto created branch.

      All environment variables that you add are encrypted to prevent rogue access so you can use them to store secret information.

      Default: - application environment variables

    • getPatterns

      @Stability(Experimental) @Nullable default List<String> getPatterns()
      (experimental) Automated branch creation glob patterns.

      Default: - all repository branches

    • getPullRequestEnvironmentName

      @Stability(Experimental) @Nullable default String getPullRequestEnvironmentName()
      (experimental) The dedicated backend environment for the pull request previews of the auto created branch.

      Default: - automatically provision a temporary backend

    • getPullRequestPreview

      @Stability(Experimental) @Nullable default Boolean getPullRequestPreview()
      (experimental) Whether to enable pull request preview for the auto created branch.

      Default: true

    • getStage

      @Stability(Experimental) @Nullable default String getStage()
      (experimental) Stage for the auto created branch.

      Default: - no stage

    • builder

      @Stability(Experimental) static AutoBranchCreation.Builder builder()
      a AutoBranchCreation.Builder of AutoBranchCreation