AWS::Chatbot Construct Library

AWS Chatbot is an AWS service that enables DevOps and software development teams to use Slack chat rooms to monitor and respond to operational events in their AWS Cloud. AWS Chatbot processes AWS service notifications from Amazon Simple Notification Service (Amazon SNS), and forwards them to Slack chat rooms so teams can analyze and act on them immediately, regardless of location.

This module is part of the AWS Cloud Development Kit project.

 SlackChannelConfiguration slackChannel = SlackChannelConfiguration.Builder.create(this, "MySlackChannel")
 slackChannel.addNotificationTopic(new Topic(this, "MyTopic"));

Log Group

Slack channel configuration automatically create a log group with the name /aws/chatbot/<configuration-name> in us-east-1 upon first execution with log data set to never expire.

The logRetention property can be used to set a different expiration period. A log group will be created if not already exists. If the log group already exists, it's expiration will be configured to the value specified in this construct (never expire, by default).

By default, CDK uses the AWS SDK retry options when interacting with the log group. The logRetentionRetryOptions property allows you to customize the maximum number of retries and base backoff duration.

Note that, if logRetention is set, a CloudFormation custom resource is added to the stack that pre-creates the log group as part of the stack deployment, if it already doesn't exist, and sets the correct log retention period (never expire, by default).


By default slack channel will use AdministratorAccess managed policy as guardrail policy. The guardrailPolicies property can be used to set a different set of managed policies.