Amazon Chime
Administration Guide

Create an Amazon Chime Account

If you haven't created an account, you can create one from the Accounts page. For more information, see Step 2: Create an Amazon Chime Account.

To immediately upgrade to an enterprise account, after completing Step 2: Create an Amazon Chime Account, skip to Claim a Domain to claim at least one domain. For more information about team and enterprise accounts, see Managing Your Amazon Chime Accounts.

After you create your account, use the following procedure to see it on the Accounts page in the Amazon Chime console. This page provides basic information on the account, including the name and account type. You can also rename or delete your account on this page.

To go to the Accounts page

  1. Open the Amazon Chime console at

  2. Select the account in the Account name column. Under Settings, choose Account.


    You can search for accounts by account name, or search for specific users across all of your accounts using their email address. In the account detail page, you can manage users and settings.